Our Team Is Dedicated to Professional Services

Four Seasons staff members are chosen based upon qualities that will provide our customers with the highest quality service. The goal of our team is to work closely which each of our clients to create and cultivate the landscape they envision. We achieve this by providing superior customer service, experienced & advanced project management skills, and customization to every project we undertake – from the moment you contact us and even after your project is finished.

Please also note that our landscaping crew members are always uniformed for a professional look and are insured for your peace of mind.



Seth Fox


Seth is a graduate of SMU’s Cox Business School. He has 15 years of experience in this industry, starting our company from the outset. Seth expanded his education and professional skills by being accepted in professional organizations and becoming licensed in irrigation, landscape treatments and plant certification.


Wayne Fox
CFO/COO…Administrative Leader


Wayne has the management skills to deal with finances, daily operations, communications, customer support, & billing. He has two post-graduate degrees and career experience in management, communications and personal service. Wayne’s goal is to support Seth so he can be free to serve you and the other support staff.


Emmanuel Mendez
Crew Foreman


Emmanuel has been with Four Seasons for 8 years. “Mannie” has gained experience with us in all aspects of servicing – lawn care, landscape, irrigation, and hardscape installation. He always brings a positive attitude to lead his crews to produce excellent results for our customers. You will find Emmanuel the most knowledgeable foreman we have. And, his crew will serve you with the highest results.


Jose Rodriguez
Crew Foreman


Jose has a background in all aspects of lawn care, landscape and irrigation work. He brought a wide breadth of experience to our company. And, he sets the example for his crews by bringing hard work and producing high quality with a sense of concern for results to our customers. Every project Jose serves will be a project done with excellence.


Carlos Rodriguez
Crew Foreman


Carlos is Jose Rodriguez brother. Carlos came to us with extensive experience in lawn care and landscape working with another company in Dallas. He had a very good reputation in all he had done. So, we were excited to get him as part of our foremen staff through his brother’s reference. You will find Carlos very customer service oriented, and dedicated to doing the highest quality work.


Marco Rodriguez
Crew Foreman


Marco (Antonio Jr.) worked with us for several months demonstrating a hard working character that was committed to excellence in serving each client’s job. He worked under one of our best foremen learning to deliver high quality services one customer at a time. When his foreman left due to medical reasons, Marco was a natural to take over the foreman position. You will find him personable, caring and hard working to lead his crew to serve your needs.